7 Chakra Bracelet Lava Stone Diffuser


Chakra bracelets are made of 7 chakra beads and the rest of natural lava rock stones. The bracelet is expandable and fits many sizes. The inner length is approximately 7 inches. Great to rub essential oils on to diffuse throughout the day.

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7 chakra lava stone diffuser bracelet

Lava rock stones work great as a natural essential oil diffuser. Add a few drops or rub on your favorite oils the lava stones absorb the oil and will diffuse throughout the day.

The 7 chakra bracelet can help balance your chakras if they’re unbalanced. This bracelet works great for meditation, yoga practices, and other grounding practices.

Chakras Root Chakra (1)
– Red Agate – The center where we ground ourselves and be in the present.
– Balanced when one has good energy, feeling of security, and healthy awareness.

Sacral Chakra (2) – Amber
– Center of creativity; sexuality and emotional centers.
– Balanced when one has stable energy, alertness, and connected to all 5 senses.

Solar Plexus Chakra (3) – Tiger Eye
– The source of personal power. Set our intentions and desires.
– Balanced when one achieves goals, self-confident, and strong motivation.

Heart Chakra (4) – Emperor Stone
– Opening the heart, center of sympathy, empathy, and love.
– Balanced when one feels love and connection to self and others.

Throat Chakra (5) – Turquoise
– Self-expression and communication.
– Balanced when one has inner trust, reliance and easily expresses thoughts.

Third Eye Chakra (6) – Lapis Lazuli
– Center of intuition and imagination.
– Balanced when one feels strong intuition, connection to oneself and mentally fit.

Crown Chakra (7) – Purple Agate
– Center of connecting to something greater than oneself.
– Balanced when one feels strong joy for life.


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